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The Alliance loses its first match

Fast and exciting game play! The Montreal Alliance battled hard against the Honey Badgers on Wednesday night in Hamilton, eventually losing 80-72 in what was the team’s first ever game in the Canadian Elite Basketball League. (LECB).

“It is sure that there is disappointment because we lost, noted the co-captain of the Alliance Hernst Laroche, at the end of the meeting. We can learn from that, we must maintain rigor and intensity throughout the match.

Laroche, 33, was the Alliance’s most-used player, spending more than 31 minutes on court. Finishing the game with seven points and four assists, he notably contributed to a futile comeback.

“Our Montreal players put us back in the game, but unfortunately, we lacked a bit of skill on shots at the end,” said head coach Vincent Lavandier, having good words for Laroche, but also for Alain Louis.

The Montreal club, which trailed by 13 points after three quarters, came within a single point with about five minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock. In front of an estimated crowd of about 900 spectators at the FirstOntario Centre, Isiah Obsorne was the Alliance’s top scorer in the game with 16 points.

Conclusion on free throw

After an opportunistic three-pointer from the home side, the score was 71-66 for Hamilton when the infamous ‘Elam Ending’ rule was enforced. From then on, the clock was set aside for the final four minutes. As determined by the rule in effect in the LECB, the first formation with 80 points, that is nine points added to the highest score, was to win.

It was Caleb Agada of the Honey Badgers who wrapped up the game with a game-winning shot from the free throw line. There will be more spectacular ends… The one who represented Nigeria at the recent Tokyo Olympics also led Hamilton with a total of 17 points.

Laroche makes history

For the books, it should be noted that Laroche is also the one who scored the first points in the history of the Alliance. He initially believed he had made a three-point field goal, but that play was called off due to a 24-second timer violation. Laroche did it again a few moments later with the first two points for the Montreal club.

“I hadn’t even thought of that, it wasn’t my goal, but I’m happy to have been the first to score, reacted the one who wears number 2. I’m a proud Montrealer and therefore, I am obviously happy to put my mark in the history of the Alliance.”

Difficult decisions

According to a rule in force in the LECB, only 10 players must be in uniform for the team during games away. For the first part, Quebecers James Jean-Marie and Lawi Msambya had to miss their turn.

“I think the league needs to evolve on this to have 12 active players, as happens in almost all leagues in the world, pleaded Lavandier. It’s never easy, but I explained my decisions individually. Afterwards, I know that those who are not there train hard and want to be in the team for the next game.

Here are the 10 players who were in uniform, Wednesday night in Hamilton, for the first game in the history of the Montreal Alliance.

Sherwood Brown (#15)

Nathan Cayo (#7)

Marc-Andre Fortin (#6)

Dominic Green (#3)

Hernst Laroche (#2)

Alain Louis (#13)

Abdul Mohammad (#21)

Isiah Osborne (#1)

Kemy Osse (#23)

Gaios Skordilis (#35)

The commissioner is looking for a ticket…

Now that the very first game in Alliance history is over, it’s time to turn to the home team’s grand opening, which will take place on Sunday at the Verdun Auditorium.

Already, it has been announced that the game will be sold out, in front of 3,700 spectators. Much to the delight of Canadian Elite Basketball League Commissioner Mike Morreale, who was in attendance at the FirstOntario Center on Wednesday night in Hamilton.

“I will also be at the opening in Verdun on Sunday, but I heard that there were no more tickets available. I will have to find myself a seat,” joked Morreale on Wednesday night in Hamilton, when met on the sidelines of the match between the Alliance and the Honey Badgers.

“The team hasn’t played a game in Montreal yet, but we can already feel the enthusiasm and excitement. Anne [Larouche]Joel [Anthony] and vincent [Lavandier] have all done a fantastic job and it is now up to the players to take over,” added the commissioner, congratulating, in order, the vice-president of operations, the general manager and the head coach of the Montreal club. .

Party in sight in Verdun

The match in Hamilton was certainly able to give a taste of what Verdun spectators can expect on the pitch, but without being chauvinistic, we imagine that the party will be more grandiose. The Avenue Inn group, which hails from Niagara, ran the pre-game show in the lobby of the FirstOntario Center, but few fans seemed to care.

“At each game, we will have a terrace on the side of the auditorium, there will be music and “food trucks”, for her part announced Annie Larouche, vice-president of operations for the Alliance. What we want is to invite people to arrive earlier and eat earlier, even if we will have concessions.

“Basketball is very fast paced, you blink and you miss something. So we don’t want spectators waiting in line at food concessions. We want to create an atmosphere even before people set foot in the auditorium.

A rapper among visitors?

By the way, Annie Larouche didn’t make the trip to Hamilton: she had too many things to finalize. It promises!

Even the visitors, the Scarborough Shooting Stars, could count on rapper J. Cole in their training… His arrival remains to be confirmed, however. After all, Scarborough will only be allowed 10 players in uniform.

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