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Six measures to boost inclusion through sport

More than 1.8 million unemployed young people without qualifications need us. Thus begins the forum written by the National Association for the Social Performance of Sport (Anpss) and signed by more than 80 athletes, associations, companies, clubs and federations including athletics, badminton, tennis, basketball, boxing, judo, sailing and the French Federation of Sports Clubs.

Next Tuesday, the presidents of these eight federations will be received by Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration, to see how they can benefit from the youth engagement contract which has just been launched everywhere. in France. ” Potentially, some federations will be able to double their budget by committing to support young job seekers », Estimates Jean-Philippe Acensi, founding member of the Anpss and the Agency for Education through Sport (Apels).

Concretely, the signatories propose six strong measures, in the extension of the Grenelle of education and inclusion through sport organized in February 2021.

A fund of 10 million euros

The establishment of an annual fund of 10 million euros to support the social innovation of local local actors (rural and neighborhoods) committed to inclusion through sport, financed by the 100 main companies involved in sport .

A decentralized incubator for the benefit of associations

Allow the transformation of associative actors into social entrepreneurs through the establishment of a decentralized incubator that can support a hundred projects per year.

5,000 educators trained

An ambitious plan of 5,000 educators of inclusion through sport within 5 years, intervening primarily in the sectors most in difficulty in our country.

The creation of a new profession

A profession of agent for the development of the social performance of sport created and piloted by the federations and the territories to support the development of this dimension of sport.

A leadership within each remodeled federation

Support and develop the social performance of sport mission within each federation with the establishment of a social performance of sport department that can develop projects such as the 1,000 dojos in the neighborhoods of the French Judo Federation or The Sea is Yours from the French Sailing Federation.

Support for 50,000 young people per year

Accompany more than 50,000 young people per year via local sports networks towards professional integration and through the schemes of the youth engagement contract or tutoring in connection with the employment center.

“It’s a real opportunity. A dozen federations have understood this. We now need a national mobilization”

Jean-Philippe Acensi, President of the ANPSS

It’s a real opportunity. A dozen federations have understood this by already carrying out actions of inclusion through sport. We now need a national mobilization “, continues the leader who hopes to allow the hiring of 50,000 young people thanks to the youth employment contract or another device for inclusion through sport.

In the gallery, the Anpss recalls the path taken. ” In the past 5 years, we have never talked and done so much about inclusion through sport and the social performance of sport. A new dynamic has taken shape. Indeed, many associative actors, cities, companies and federations have set up unprecedented actions of inclusion through sport. Like Crédit Agricole, which hires several hundred young people without a diploma each year, or the French Sailing Federation, which is developing a program called La Mer est à Vous… These actions require significant resources (on average, an inclusion path to employment costs between 6,000 and 8,000 euros per young person) were able to benefit from new funds supplemented in particular by the Ministry of Labour, local authorities and businesses. More than 25 million euros have thus been allocated to around ten socio-sporting initiatives. In just a few years, 20,000 young people have benefited from integration schemes through sport. »


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