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Selestat Sports. From District 2 to District 8

District 2

Matzenheim – St Pierre/B./Triembach/V. : 3-1. Half time: 1-1. Referee: Mr. Guler (Erstein). Goals: Goerig (18and sp, 53and and 70and sp) for Matzenheim; C. Guth (27and ), Birger (53and ) for St Pierre/B.

With three goals conceded from set pieces, this match is to be forgotten very quickly for the St.-Gillois. Although deprived of their player-coach C. Ernst and one of their scorers Da Silva, this meeting was within their reach if they had not been too imprecise in their movements, in particular with too many passes to the opponent . In addition, the referee did nothing to reduce contacts often more than limits.

After a start to the advantage of the visitors, Birger could have opened the scoring from the 9and but home goalkeeper Wendling made an exceptional save. The locals will open the scoring by Goerig who converts a penalty awarded for a trivial fault. Guth restores parity with a nice volley from the right. But the latter must leave the field seriously injured a few moments later.

Nothing changes at the recovery with always a lot of contacts. The guys from the Valley take the lead through Birger who this time beats the goalkeeper with a rebound after a free kick from 40m. Contacts are getting tougher and tougher. A rain of cards falls on the players and the visiting captain Gauthier is expelled after a 2and yellow. A temporary expulsion of a player coming to the news, reduces the visitors to nine. Taking advantage of this numerical advantage, the Matzenheimois transformed directly by Goerig a free kick from 30 m. The game remains scrambled and the premises obtain a new penalty allowing Goerig to sign the hat trick.

District 3

Artolsheim – Herbsheim: 1-3. Referee: Mr. Noma. Goals: Durmaz for Artolsheim; Dreyfus (2x) and Guillemant for Herbsheim.

It was minus one. The locals fall against the leader but could have snatched a draw in the last moments. But Dos Santos on a good service from Bernabel and Durmaz will come up against the goalkeeper. On this last opportunity for the 2-2, Artolsheim was on board and on the counter Herbsheim scored 1-3 (90and +5) and definitely pockets the three points. However, the Blues had to quickly do without the injured Munch and Spiehler on the bench who immediately saw that he could not participate. It is therefore Iffrig and Muller who will help the group throughout the game. Too diminished offensively, the locals will nevertheless open the scoring through Durmaz on a lobbed cross. And Herbsheim will reverse the course of the game in 5′ to pass. And the suspense of the end that we already know takes them a little more towards the climb.

District 4

Hilsenheim – Ribeauville II: 1-3.

Half time 1-1. Referee: Mr. Charnace. Goals: Simon (38and ) for Hilsenheim; Narcí (40and and 80and ), Ripodi (64and ) for Ribeauville.

The match begins on a false rhythm where the chances are derisory until the 38and when Simon goes behind the defender to lob goalkeeper Le Levrier. On corner Narcy equalizes with a beautiful header under the bar. A big shot from Gerhard from 30m is pulled out of the top corner by local goalkeeper Ringeisen.

The second period is livelier thanks to the opposing attackers. The local goalkeeper must work hard on several occasions to avoid the worst. On a mess in the 16 m Ripodi recovers the ball to lodge it in the small net. Narcy signs his double on a direct free kick from 20m which hits the mark. Then a penalty will be stopped by the local goalkeeper at the 85and.

SC Selestat II – Baldenheim II: 5-2. Half time 4-0. Goals: Bouyaya, Anstett, Kone, Kaelbel, Fuss for Sélestat.

Another fine performance from coach Strazisar’s men who largely dominated the proceedings by scoring four goals in the first half. After a slight relaxation which saw Baldenheim come back to 4-2, it was Fuss who brought the score back to 5-2. The uphill race continues.

Also note that the U18 Region beat Golbey 1-0.

District 5

Maisonsgoutte – Ste Croix/M. : 5-1. Half time 2-0. Referee: Mr. Collisch. Goals: Wolff 20and and 45and Jessel 55and and 75and Rochelle 67and for Maisonsgoutte; Cicek for Ste Croix/M.

Maisonsgoutte is back to winning ways after two good matches against the tenors of the group. Wolff scored twice before the break, once with a header from Jessel’s cross and another time with a straight cross from Boehler. Ste-Croix remains very shy and does little more than defend. Jessel also scores twice on two well-placed shots close to the post. Rochelle while dribbling increases the mark quite easily. Cicek reduces the score with a nice well-controlled free kick.

District 8

Muttersholtz II – Artolsheim II: 1-5.

In a late match, the AS Muttersholtz doubles lost to one of the tenors of the Artolsheim group with a score of 5 goals to 1. Good refereeing by Mr. Arnaud Bet favored by the fair play of the 22 players.

Among young people, victory for the U11F (6-1) in Barembach and the U11M (3-0) against Schoenau.

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