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Guide and tips to win!

Warm-up completed. You are ready to fight it out. This time it’s the right one, that of victory over your group of friends or any other opponent. The smile you wear on the surface is just a decoy. Basically, you see yourself as a predator. Perfectly adjusted straps, it’s time to let all your inner fury speak.

That’s pretty much your mindset before… taking your usual sniffle. And not just any, you know, one that comes from innocent hands that don’t take gambling seriously at all. We hit very high on the scale of the unbearable. So, like the good people that we are, we’re going to make a little confession to you: it seems that it’s all your fault. Your friends don’t dare tell you, but apparently watching you play tennis is like watching a chimpanzee trying to play the bagpipes. Yeah, it’s not glorious, but follow our advice and we’ll make you the new Djoko, Cristiano Ronaldo or Darth Maul. Maybe even all three at the same time.

Put on your best sneakers

A tennis match in the Nintendo Switch Sports video game.

Human cloning is a reality

© Nintendo

Subscribe to the premium service: On clay as in the restaurant, it all starts with good service. So, to send fresh rocket at 350km/h (spoiler: it won’t happen), there are a few tricks to know. The first being the right timing to have to perform a five-star service. Once the rag is on your forearm (or the ball in your possession), try hitting it when it’s at the highest point of your throw. Small trick, it is after 0.5 seconds. You can always try to calculate this head time, but the easiest thing is to practice in order to assimilate this timing naturally. Now that you know when to serve the entrée, we’ll even tell you how to give a bite. In fact, rather than slaughtering your screen with a very broad and uncontrolled gesture, prefer a simple movement of the wrist. Admittedly, it is much less RP. But, already, you will not feel the andouillette after 20 minutes of play, then it will greatly help you to master the timing necessary for a perfect service. 5 stars on TripAdvisor (and bonus points during your online contests) are yours.

Take advantage of the terrain: Here we begin your transition into a true off-road 4×4. You are surely not taught anything by telling you that the surface of the court on which you play is of great importance. You wouldn’t dare to wash your wooden floor with bleach, would you? Yes, you probably would because you have no fucking idea the answer to that question. But, regarding Nintendo Switch Sports, we will still send you some tips that can make the difference. On hard ground, abuse effect shots by hitting the ball with a horizontal shot. On this surface the ball does not slow down on the rebound, which makes these shots formidable, leaving very little time for your opponent to adapt to the direction of the given spin. On grass, the bounce of the ball is much lower. You can therefore let go on direct hits, which require a lot of reactivity from your opponent since the time for a return is greatly reduced by the low rebound. As for clay, the ball bounces quite high and loses a lot of speed. Result: this often leads to prolonged exchanges, very long in time. The idea here is therefore to pay particular attention to your endurance and that of the opponent. Try to exhaust it as much as possible while preserving yourself, otherwise you will have a hard time making a difference.

The best defense is… defense: When it comes to chambara, the watchword is patience. So, just like when your mother asked you to tidy up your room, learn to keep calm. In fact, if we say that it is especially that it is impossible to counter-attack when your opponent tries to tear your head off. The only possible solution if you are under pressure: place a perfect parry to reverse the momentum and regain control of the aggression. So don’t try to respond one shot at a time. It’s the best way to end up getting spanked. Even if it would still be nicer than when it came from your mother’s hand.

The rhythm in the blood: For you to play it Jeanne & Serge (or Haikyu!! for non-boomers), the most important, the fundamental aspect, the heart of your fight must be the timing. In all phases of the game. We trust you to learn the different perfect timings of the 3 actions to perform (perhaps we shouldn’t), but our little trick is to… break the opponent’s rhythm. For this, it is possible to take them by surprise by performing quick attacks after several exchanges. If you execute them correctly, they will disrupt their timing. Note that only the player who will smash the ball can trigger a quick attack. To perform them, jump while swinging the joy-con upwards just BEFORE the passer throws the ball. Ah, last little thing, don’t overdo it at the risk of being too predictable. Be vicious in the placement of these, or by subtly crushing your opponent’s toe before his kick. From experience, both techniques are good, but the second one requires you to run fast enough.

A badminton match on the Nintendo Switch Sports video game.

Little memory of my year in 5th B…

© Nintendo

Do not throw yourself into the mouth of the wolf: a good badminton player is one who knows how to play cat and mouse. To score points, it is necessarily necessary to beat the opponent by constantly imposing changes of position. From front to back, from right to left: push him to the fault to better handcuff him to defeat. The most common and punishing offense is trying to hit the shuttle too soon. If this is the case, the unfortunate sees his character attempt an extremely penalizing dive. It’s exactly what you’re looking for to fine it.

Smash anything that moves (except TV): like a peacekeeper in full demonstration, bludgeon as soon as possible. Well, you probably have a brain (in addition to having a good reason to act), so still be on your guard, but try to smash the wheel as much as possible, making sure to wait until it is at the highest point of its trajectory. One: smashes are the most powerful and disturbing blows to take when they are chained together, and two: they set the stage perfectly for suddenly changing planes and placing a drop shot as paralyzing as a taser.

It’s very tempting, but don’t shoot in the face of the defender: To score goals, you have to shoot in the direction of the goal. That’s the trick.

More seriously, if it is essential to always keep an eye on the opposing goal, this does not mean that all your shots must be concentrated on this area. Especially since this is the area of ​​coverage favored by defenders (logical), the risk is therefore to shoot them directly and see the ball ricochet dangerously towards your own goal. Instead, aim diagonally to avoid the counter and get closer to the goal. As for repainting them based on big volleys, it’s more satisfying in reality anyway.

Don’t act like a donkey behind a carrot: if you’ve ever dabbled in Rocket League, positioning works the same way on Nintendo Switch Sports football. When your opponent is in possession of the ball, there is very little point in going straight for them. Instead, take a step back, and wait patiently to be able to read his next move. You can thus save stamina – while he spends his own – to better counter-attack with a certain advantage. Shepherd, not sheep.

The second rank for the Strike: If it is tempting to play it all upside down to get as many strikes as possible, aim for one of the pins in the second row instead. Or rather, try to take the first AND one of the two that follow. Finally, to play the win thoroughly, do not play the esthete. Find an effective throw and repeat it at will. You’ll take a few insults about the no-fun side of you, but your opponents won’t get anything but their tears.

Take one to type the other: Sometimes you will encounter a split, pins not adjacent to each other after throwing the ball and knocking down the rest. To convert this situation to a spare, aim for the outer edge of one of the pins on the opposite side to the second so that it can knock down the other.

You now have all the keys to pose as the late night boss.

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