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Favrot launched for the next season — Alsa’Sports

The French ski federation has, like every year and before the resumption of the various groups, announced the numbers that will populate the France groups as well as the promotion teams. Without the slightest surprise, the Alsatian Thibaut Favrot will be there and will want to continue his progression within one of the best giant teams in the world.. Fifth at the last Olympic Games in his favorite discipline, giant slalom, Favrot will want to capitalize on these efforts and also advance as one of the best in the France group next season. He has the means.

Bright future for Favrot?

An atypical profile

The idea is obvious and proves it by the history of the various French champions known in recent years, whether for men or women. To excel and become one of the best national skiers in France, it is better to come from the Alps, or even the Pyrenees. However, new faces have in recent years somewhat swept away these received ideas.

Under the leadership of Gauthier de Tessières, 2013 Super-G world vice champion and himself a native of Clermont-Ferrand, other skiers have proven that it is possible to become as good, or even better than a pure product of the Alps. Ask Clément Noël, proud native of the Vosges and recently crowned Olympic champion in slalom, during the last Olympic Games disputed in Beijing, at the beginning of 2022.

The same goes for Thibaut Favrot, always faithful to his club in Strasbourg, the city where he was born and where the practice of skiing had initially had to be exported to the neighboring Vosges. Party at 16 years old in the French junior team in the direction of these famous Alps, proud as possible of his region, Favrot offers an atypical profile just within the French team.

Behind the exceptional driving forces of Alexis Pinturault and Mathieu Faivre, Favrot is gradually becoming one of the sure values ​​of the France group. His results in great progress prove it and suggest great things for the next season.

He made his scales in the Vosges

A step-by-step approach

Technically, the Alsatian has always been one of the most endowed of his generation, it is indisputable. However, the global elite that is the World Cup of course requires more data than that for ultimate performance and winning races. Among the best skiers on the planet, the difference can be made mentally.

Precisely, it is on this level that Thibaut Favrot has experienced meteoric progress in recent years, in contact with metronomes like his teammate Victor Muffat-Jeandet. He also shares the same calm and the same approach as “Totor”, unfortunately injured last season, when leaving in the gate. Very rational, Favrot has reached the level he currently is by respecting certain rules, continuing to learn and managing all the data he could reach..

The approach, the mind, the war of nerves? Worthy of a poker player who knows the rules like the back of his hand, Favrot has also gotten into the habit of taking everything in hand to manage his games as best as possible, which translates into his giant sleeves .

Capitalize on the place at the Games

After an exceptional 2020/21 season and finished in 9th place, Thibaut Favrot had more difficulty confirming his good demonstrations at the start of last season, in particular because of poor performances in the first heats.

All the same (and logically) selected for his first Olympic Games, Favrot will prove all the good that we think of him from the Chinese tracks. Only 19 hundredths behind Marco Odermatt after the first run, future Olympic champion and undisputed master of the discipline this season, he will not manage to get a podium in the second run. However, his fifth place, placing 3 Frenchmen in the top 6, portends great things for the future.

Patient, but far from being wait-and-see, the champ de feu skier knows what he has to do for the next season.

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