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DC’s New Superman Stands Up To Batman Better Than Clark Ever Did

Jon Kent’s boyfriend Jay Nakamura is under scrutiny by Batman, but the young Superman is standing his ground better than his father ever has.

Warning: preview for Superman: Son of Kal-El #11 ahead!

The new Superman Jon Kent has found himself at odds with Batman, and in his first confrontation with the caped crusader he stands his ground better than his father ever did. Just as Jon has found himself in a happy relationship, Batman has come into town to rain on his parade. While most in the DC universe would not dare step up to Bruce Wayne, Jon Kent pushes back despite his fear of him, giving him a big standout moment early in his career.

Recently, Jon has joined the Truth – a citizen journalist and activist organization run by Jay Nakamura, which is targeting the corrupt regime of Henry Bendix. While Jon has been excited to improve on his father’s ability to fight for a better tomorrow, Jay’s ties to the nation of Gamorra have the Dark Knight worried, and last issue Batman stepped in to tell the new Superman that he ca n’t trust his boyfriend of him


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In the preview for Superman: Son of Kal-El #11, by Tom Taylor and Cian Tormey, Batman has come to Metropolis in an attempt to talk the new Superman out of his new relationship. In a historic and groundbreaking story, Jon Kent started dating Jay Nakamura, the cyber-vigilante and metahuman known as Gossamer, but Bruce has concerns about Jay’s ties to a violent extremist group called the Revolutionaries and the shady past he’s dug up. Warning Jon that his youth and inexperience of him could put everyone in danger, Batman pushes him just a little too far. In response, Jon points out that Bruce has been labeled a violent extremist himself, and that he doesn’t need anyone’s protection. Enjoy the preview from DC Comics below:

Superman son of kal-el 11 cover

Superman son of kal-el 11 variant cover

Superman son of kal-el 11 variant cover 2

Superman son of kal-el 11 variant cover 3

While he may have reacted rashly, Jon’s willingness to stand up to Batman makes him stand out from his father in a huge way. Bruce Wayne and Kal-El have been best friends and sometime enemies throughout their long, storied careers, but Superman has struggled to stand up to Batman when the two disagree. That’s not to say they haven’t had some epic battles, and that Superman hasn’t had his fair share of wins. But ultimately, it’s generally Superman who bends to Batman when the two butt heads. With seven decades of history between them, Bruce and Clark have grown to trust each other and depend on one another better than perhaps any duo of heroes. But in being cynical and intractable, Batman tends to win their disagreements because Clark is more willing to bend.

Now that Clark’s son has taken the mantle from his father, a new relationship is growing and it’s already looking to be a more tumultuous situation. This might, however, be a good thing for Jon. While Batman definitely has a major advantage in the experience department, Jon has the chance to change their dynamic in his favor. Although he let his youth show through his reaction to Batman’s accusations of him, the young Superman is already taking strides in making himself in his own image of him. Jon has already made history in his short time as the Man of Steel, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Standing up against a revered figure in the DC universe such as Batman is not an easy thing to do, and whether he’s right or not, the new Superman you have taken a huge step in character development some other heroes would never dare.

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #11 hits stands May 10 from DC Comics.

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