May 2022 has officially hit its halfway point, with schools preparing to let out for summer vacation and everyone looking for a little fun in the sun. For those looking to enjoy some downtime by bingeing shows and films on Prime Video and Hulu, there is a wide variety of impressive programming that has been added to the premium streaming services. And CBR is here to help you select the perfect show or movie to watch this weekend, with a diverse collection of programming to choose from.

Here are all the biggest and best movies and television series to stream on Hulu and Prime Video this weekend, from new series premieres to classic films available on the digital platforms.

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The Kids in the Hall Reunite for More Unhinged Comedy

One of the most celebrated comedy troupes to come out of Canada is The Kids in the Hallwhich was formed in 1984 and starred in its own sketch comedy television series from 1988 to 1995. From nonsensical observations about contemporary culture to sketches bordering on the outright surreal, The Kids in the Hall pushed boundaries at the time while delivering a steady flow of laughs. Over 25 years since the original Kids in the Hall series ended, the classic troupe is reuniting for a revival series on Prime Video.

Slated to run for eight episodes, the five original cast members are back with a blend of classic sketches from their troupe’s past with new comedy bits. just like the original series, Saturday night Live creator Lorne Michael is executive producing the revival to mark the sketch comedy’s return. For those looking for one of the most influential sketch comedy troupes to hit the airwaves, The Kids in the Hall are back.

Candy Delivers True Crime Intrigue to Hulu

With true crime narratives remaining as popular as ever, Hulu’s latest original miniseries, Candy, explore a real-life murder mystery from the 1980s. Based on the life of Candy Montgomery, the miniseries recreates the gross incident, with Montgomery accused of murdering her husband’s lover Betty Gore with an axe. However, as Montgomery faces the authorities over her brutal murder, the resulting investigation and trial are anything but clear-cut.

Starring in the five-episode miniseries is Jessica Biel as Montgomery, with Melanie Lynskey portraying Gore. A tense retelling of the infamous murder case, Candy shows the circumstances leading up to Gore’s horrific death in their sleepy Texas town. Boosting an all-star cast and methodical pacing, Candy is true-crime drama at its best.

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Ong-Bak Unleashes a Modern Martial Arts Epic

One of the most acclaimed martial arts films of the past 20 years is 2003’s Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, starring Tony Jaa in his breakout role. Focused on the Thai martial arts style of Muay Thai, the entire film trilogy is currently available to stream on Hulu with an epic story that spans centuries. With breathtaking stunts and hard-hitting brawls, Ong Bak remains Jaa’s most iconic work, even after appearing in major franchises like Fast&Furious.

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior is the sole film in the trilogy set in the present day, with a young fighter traveling to Bangkok to recover a priceless artifact stolen from his village. Ong Bak 2 is set in the 15th century, with a warrior named Tien seeking revenge against a warlord who massacred his family. Ong Bak 3 is a direct sequel to its immediate predecessor, as Tien defends his people from a new enemy in dazzling martial arts fights.

Akira Remains the Gold Standard in Anime Cinema

Ace Ghost in the Shell arrives on Netflix, the ultimate anime movie with epic cyberpunk stakes remains on Hulu: Akira. Based on the 1982 manga series by Katsuhiro Otomo, the 1988 film was similarly written and directed by Otomo himself. Set in Neo-Tokyo in 2019, Akira follows a biker gang leader named Kaneda and his best friend Tetsuo after the latter gains telekinetic powers.

While deviating considerably from Otomo’s own manga source material, Akira is considered a landmark cinematic achievement in animation. The film is credited with helping popularize anime with international audiences and served as a major influence on future anime projects. Akira is currently available to stream on Hulu for new audiences or those looking to revisit the classic.

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Fargo Brings Things Back to the Beginning

While the anthology series Fargo is one of the most acclaimed shows on television today, the 1996 film that inspired the quirky Midwestern stories is now available to stream on Prime Video. Written, produced and directed by the Coen Brothers, Fargo has small-town police chief Marge Gunderson in Minnesota investigate a series of grisly murders linked to a local used car salesman. However, as Chief Gunderson unravels the bloody mystery, she discovers that an even more elaborate plot is responsible for the killings.

With its morbidly dark sense of humour, Fargo was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won two, including Best Actress for star Frances McDormand. The subsequent television series, premiering in 2014, is not an adaptation of the film but then set within the same shared universe. For audiences looking to see where Fargo all began, the universally acclaimed film remains one of the Coens’ finest works over 25 years later.

Fargo kneeling in the snow next to a body

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